18 september Foundation invests

Stichting 18 september (18 September foundation) with various initiatives that the past is alive and remains held. Our freedom to cherish is the product. Generation to generation, we want that valuable possession to pass on. With the stories of the people of that time, experiences and adventures. Already 70 years the trip to Bayeux for the students, the trip to Auschwitz concentration camp, Freedom Lecture, a veteran in and for the classroom, the ride to the bevrijdingsvuur in Bayeux to pick up, the Fakkeldefilé. That comes across to young people. We are well on the road, but more is needed.

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On a beautiful summer evening walk you through the meadows. Then you’ll pass a whole series of memorials. They are life-size parachutes. Our liberators that floating out of the blue. The road to freedom started here and you are now part of it. The Freedom Run lets you meet these memorials.

A smiling face on a black and white photo from a distant past. The choice that was made for them led them to Eindhoven. Their war was your freedom. They could no longer there for running away. You know though. Thanks to them. Run by the Freedom we give them our freedom with it. Our freedom. Their freedom.

Our sports event at a historic location brings togetherness and realize together. Our freedom, their commemoration. Therefore, along with the Freedom Run, powered by Stichting 18 september.

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